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Here's some of my recent work.


You Should Really Know About:
Ric Stultz

Will Not Forget

Tell Ma I Miss Her

Picturing The Sound

Security Measures

I Don't Mind Sharing

You should know about Ric Stultz.
Check out his site.


Here are some things that have been on my mind.

Here are some things that have caught my camera's eye.
Brian's secret is that he cannot read.

I thought they were better than this.

This shell looks like a puppy dog.

This caterpillar was frisky as hell.

This apple was attractive, I photographed it.

What happens in Flint, flies out of Flint international airport.

Eye'll post again soon.

Until then, here's a video of Emile Cohl's Fantasmagorie. Cohl has been coined the "father of the animated cartoon". This film was made in 1908 and consists of about 700 drawings.
(found on www.loudreams.com)


Valentine Sing-O-Gram Service / Smokescreen Submission

As a Valentine's Day gift to you, I am offering to sing for your sweetheart or loved one via personalized video over e-mail/Facebook/Myspace, free of charge.

Send the following info to
jacksjogren@mac.com :

-Name of recipient

-Means of delivering Sing-O-Gram (Email/Facebook/Myspace, etc...)

-One song you'd like me to sing for recipient

-Any message you'd like me to deliver to recipient

PS: You may choose to be an anonymous requester

- - I consider myself an accomplished musician and would be honored to sing on your behalf to your shnook'emses and snigglefritzes.

- - - There's no catch and I solemnly swear not to give out any email addresses. I just want to make your Valentine's Day better!

On another note, here's my full-page submission of my mini-comic, Acetate, that I sent in for Desert Island's Smoke Screen free newspaper.


Make Like a Tree


Edgar R. McHerly illustrates this comic called Invisible Hair Suit. It's interesting and funny and reminds me a little bit of Perry Bible Fellowship. Check him out!

Edgar R. McHerly!

suggested by my friend Noosha!


Just got some new business cards done.


Working on an online store to sell my prints for cheap!

Business savvy!


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I am an illustrator hailing from Cincinnati and Tampa. I currently reside in Grand Rapids, MI.

website: www.jacksjogren.com
email: jacksjogren@mac.com